Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Hi all, 

So here I am starting a new blog "Kuch-Pak-Raha-Hai" from today. Not sure if this is how one is supposed to write in the introduction of a blog. Before I start writing further, I would like to clear the air that "Pak" here is referring to "cooking"and not any country ;). After Ekta Kapoor's huge success of multiple "saas-bahu" daily soaps all beginning with alphabet "K" and Karan Johar's countless blockbusters, again beginning with the alphabet "K" (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam,Kal Ho Na Ho...), I thought of trying the "K-magic" on my blog as well and hence named it "K"uchPakRahaHai. :)

Unlike the aforementioned names, I would neither be planning and plotting the various saas-bahu scandals, nor I would be giving ideas for that perfect chocolatey romance. I would be writing here simple day to day recipes like daal roti rice etc. or in a simple term "mom-cooked" food :) . You must be wondering that what is the need to write a blog just for these simple dishes.This is because no matter how many restaurants you visit, how many local 'dhabas' you give a try, one day you will definitely crave for the food cooked by your mom. 

I had always been a foodie but never a good cook. I got married 4 months back and soon after one month of marriage I started missing home cooked food badly. At that point, my mother (and always my saviour..) stayed with me for some time and taught me those simple and heart melting daal/sabzi/roti recipes. Something she tried with me for so many years but I never gave a try (may be because I was too busy in eating :-/) but now when I realised that I would die of hunger, I immediately picked up things and started learning cooking on war-scale (literally!!).

Whatever I'll be cooking on a particular day I will write its detailed recipe along with some pictures on this blog. As always said, no one is perfect and the scope of improvement is always there, your comments and suggestions are always welcome for further improvisation/modification of the recipes :).

 Lets begin the "KuchPakRahaHai" journey.. Cheers and Keep Burping!! ;) :D 

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