Monday, September 7, 2015

Making Paneer at home

Hello to all the readers. Today I am going to share a simple method of making Paneer. Paneer is also known by other name "Farmer's Cheese". I often come across posts or queries on internet where people are complaining about not being able to make panner at home or even if they make it, it crumbles down while cutting in cubes or slices. Hope this post will solve all the doubts and help in making hygienic, fresh, pure and soft paneer at home.

The entire procedure of making paneer takes about 20-25 minutes . I am using Single Toned milk here for extracting paneer. You may use Full-Cream milk for softer and creamier Paneer.

List Of Ingredients:

  • Milk-1 litre
  • Vinegar*-1-2 tbsp
  • Cold Water-500 ml
* Instead of vinegar lemon juice can also be used.

Steps To Prepare:

Boil milk in a boiling pan. I have taken here little more than 1 litre of milk.
When the milk starts to boil, add one tablespoon of Vinegar to it and switch off the flame.The milk will start to curdle up. Keep on stirring with the help of a spatula.

Place a strainer on the top of an empty vessel. Place a muslin cloth over the strainer. Carefully turn over the curdled milk on it. All the paneer will be left behind in the strainer. Pour chilled water over it.
Lift the muslin cloth and squeeze it so that all the water gets discarded from it. Place this over a colander or a metal surface where all its excess water can strain out.
 Place a flat plate over it and then a heavy item over it. I am placing a marble rolling board over it. Let it stay like this for at least half an hour.
After that unwrap the muslin cloth. You will get a solid piece of "Paneer". This much amount of milk has produced somewhere 200-250 grams of "Paneer".

Store it in a water filled container for later use. You can cut this single paneer chunk in cubes or slices as per your requirement or eat it as is it. Try this freshly home made healthy paneer recipe and enjoy it in you favourite Palak Paneer or  Paneer Bhurji !!

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