Monday, November 11, 2019

Paneer Tikka Sandwich

Paneer Tikka Sandwich is a delectable sandwich bursting with delicious rustic flavours of Paneer Tikka. Those who are unaware about it authentic paneer tikka is made by marinating big chunks of paneer or cottage cheese in a mixture of curd and various aromatic spices; then grilling it in a tandoor or over a charcoal oven.

In this recipe, it has been tried to bring the punch and smokiness of paneer tikka in our modern day sandwiches. The recipe however is not cumbersome and requires just few ingredients. I have also shared few other sandwiches on this blog- Spinach Corn Sandwich, Hung Curd Sandwich, Pinwheel Sandwich and Coleslaw Sandwich. These sandwich recipes are prefect for breakfast or kids' tiffin

For making this sandwich filling, I have used Tandoori Mayonnaise from FunFoods brand. This mayo has a nice punch of flavours and aroma. It imparts a rustic taste to the filling along with a rich creaminess. It saves a lot of time and efforts of adding different spices which we would have otherwise required in making traditional paneer tikka. These days different brands have introduced Tandoori flavours mayo in market, you can use any of them. The vegetables and paneer have been grilled on a grilling pan so that it imparts a slight charred taste to the filling.

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Products Used:

List of Ingredients: (Makes 4 sandwiches)

  • Medium Onion-1
  • Medium Tomato-1
  • Capsicum-1/2
  • Paneer- 100 grams
  • Cooking Oil - 3/4 tbsp
  • Tandoori Mayo - 1/4 cup
  • Black Pepper - 1 tsp
  • Salt- To taste
  • Bread Slices-8

Steps to Prepare:

Cut all the veggies and paneer into big chunks.

Brush some oil on a grilling pan. Grill the veggies till they get slightly charred lines on them. We need not soften the veggies but just grill them to get that smoky flavour in our sandwich.
In a similar manner we will grill paneer cubes also.
Finely chop all the veggies and paneer now. Transfer these chopped veggies in a  mixing bowl.
Add tandoori mayo, black pepper and salt to it. Mix them gently. This will be our filling for the sandwich.
Take a bread slice and spread the sandwich mixture on it using a spoon. Place another bread slice over it and gently press it with your hands.
Brush some oil on the grill plates of sandwich maker. Grill these sandwiches till they are golden brown from outside.
You can even use a grilling pan for making these sandwiches.
Delicious smokey Paneer Tikka Sandwiches are ready. Enjoy them with fresh coriander chutney or tomato ketchup!!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Paan Coconut Ladoos

Paan Coconut Ladoos is an absolute delightful amalgamation of Coconut with Paan. In order to replicate the flavours, real paan leaves have been used and inside of the ladoos is filled with Gulkand just like the way you get in actual paan. No artificial colors or essence has been used in this recipe.

For all those who are unfamiliar with hindi terminology, paan is called "Betel" in English and gulkand is rose preserve. In India "Paan" is basically Gulkand, supari (Areca nut), Kattha (Catechu) etc wrapped in a paan(betel) leaf and generally devoured after finishing meals.

Earlier I had shared recipe for Instant Coconut Ladoos in which just two ingredients were used. This was a very simple, quick recipe and liked by many readers of the blog. You can check out that recipe by clicking here. The Paan coconut ladoos are inspired from this recipe only with some addition of flavours.

Diwali is the time of year when there is festivities all around, everyone is in the mood to celebrate and sweets are the indispensable of this celebration. Though many of the Indian sweets recipe require real kitchen skills and expertise, this paan ladoo recipe is so easy to make that even a novice can make them. You can also involve your kids too in rolling and coating part of ladoos which I am sure they will enjoy.
I made these Paan ladoos this Diwali and they were very much appreciated by friends and family. I kept them as "Prasad" in our "Pooja Thali" and spontaneously my husband pointed out how these ladoos have all the auspicious ingredients "Paan, Pushp and Mewa" which are generally kept in Hindu Poojas.

After many repeated request for food videos, I have finally tried to come up with the YouTube video of the recipe which you can find at the end of this post. The video has been kept short and precise and will clear off any doubts about the process. Please like and subscribe to KuchPakRahaHai channel as it will really encourage us to come up with more of such videos. Any feedback will be appreciated :) .

I got the Paan leaves and Gulkand from our local paan shop. You can also find Gulkand jars online on Amazon which you can check out by clicking here. Other two ingredients used in recipe are Dessicated coconut powder and condensed milk. I topped these ladoos with some silver coated elaichi and supari from Dizzle brand but it is totally optional.

Hope you would like this Paan Coconut Ladoos recipe. Do share with us your experience here in comments or on our Facebook page of KPRH.

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List of Ingredients: (Makes 12 pieces)

  • Condensed Milk-200 grams
  • Dessicated Coconut powder-2 & 1/4 cups
  • Paan (Betel) leaves-6
  • Gulkand- 1/2 cup
  • Ghee-1 tsp
For garnishing: (Optional)

  • Supari/Elaichi- 10-12 pieces

Steps To Prepare:

Wash the paan leaves well. Dry it over a kitchen towel. Add paan(betel) leaves and condensed milk in a mixer and blend them form a even mix.  Keep it aside.
In a heavy bottomed or non stick pan, dry roast 2 cups of desiccated coconut powder on low flame till it release its aroma. It takes roughly 3-4 minutes. Please note we are saving 1/4 cup of coconut powder for later on. Switch off the flame.

Add paan & condensed milk blend (which we prepared in step1) to it. Mix well.

Transfer this mixture in another bowl and let it cool down.

Rub some ghee on your palms. Take a small lemon sized portion of this mix and roll a ball out of it. Flatten it on your palms and place 1 tsp of gulkand on it.
Then bring over the flat edges over this gulkand and again roll it into a smooth ball. Repeat this process for remaining mix.

Roll these ball gently in desiccated coconut powder.
Garnish it with some supari or Elaichi but it is totally optional. Delicious Paan Ladoos are ready!! :)
Check out its YouTube video below:

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Sago Coconut Pudding

Sago or Tapioca Pudding is a delightful dessert prepared by cooking sago pearls in milk and sugar. Sago pearls is known by other names like tapioca pearls, sabudana etc. It is a gluten free and used in variety of recipes. As sabudana is a rich source of carbohydrates they are also consumed during hindu fasting for instant energy.

The tropical flavours in this sago pudding recipe are inspired from Pina Colada Cocktail which mainly consists of rum, cream of coconut and pineapple. I have not used any alcohol here but coconut milk and pineapple

The Sago Coconut pudding recipe is easy to make and does not take much time too. To set this pudding I have not used any gelatine or agar-agar. The sago pearls are cooked in milk (dairy) and coconut milk till they are lite and translucent. I have not cooked them entirely in coconut milk as I wanted the flavour of coconut to be subtle and not overpowering. The pineapple bits add a freshness and zing to every bite of pudding. The roasted nuts add a bit of earthy aroma and crunch overall. The nuts should be sprinkled with a very light hand as too much of it can offset the balance.

I have used smallest size of sago pearls in this recipe. The ratio of sago pearls (or sabudana) and milk is kept in such a way that it leads the pudding to set. Please follow the same proportions and I am sure you will also able to nail the recipe in first attempt.

Other Sabudana recipes shared on the blog are : Sabudana Khichdi and Sabudana Vada.

Lately I have been trying to grow herbs at home and the first thing which I was able to grow successfully is Mint or "Pudina". So the tiny fresh mint leaves which you are seeing in the pics above are straight from my Pudina pot.
Hope you would like this delicious Sago Coconut Pudding Recipe!!

List of Ingredients: (Makes 4-5 servings)

  • Small Sago Pearl / Tapioca / Sabudana - 1/2 cup (100 grams)
  • Milk-250 ml 
  • Coconut Milk-100 ml
  • Sugar-1/3 cup 
  • Chopped Pineapple (Fresh/ Tinned)-1 cup
For garnishing:
  • Chopped Nuts-1/4 cup
  • Mint leaves-8 to 10

Steps To Prepare:

Wash the sago pearls or sabudana under running water once to remove the impurities. Then soak these in water again for at least 1 hour such that the water level is slightly above the level of sago.

As you can see after one hour, the sago pearls will swell up slightly absorbing the water in which they  were soaked.

Heat milk in a heavy bottomed pan and bring it to boil.

Once the milk is boiled, slow down the flame and add soaked sago pearls. Stir it gently. We need to cook the sago pearls till they become slightly translucent and the mixture begins to thicken up.

Add coconut milk and sugar to the above pudding mixture. Mix it gently with the help of spatula.

Cook it for another 3-4 minutes till the sabudana becomes transparent, rise up on the surface and all the excess liquid is evaporated. Switch off the flame.

Transfer this mixture in small bowls or silicon pudding moulds. Tap them on the kitchen surface so that there are no trapped air bubbles. Place these bowls in refrigerator for at least 3-4 hours to set. I generally keep them overnight just to be sure they are completely set before de-moulding. By the time our pudding is chilling, lets move to next step.

Dry roast the chopped nuts in a pan or non-stick pan till they are slightly golden, releasing their aroma. Keep these roasted nuts aside.

Once the pudding bowls are chilled, free its edges using a knife and invert it on a plate. If it is not coming out, heat it in microwave for 10 seconds. De-mould the pudding when you are about to serve it.

For serving, garnish the sago pudding with these roasted nuts, some chopped pineapple pieces and mint leaves.

Delicious creamy Sago Pudding is ready to serve!! :)
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